Venice Auto Repair

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Meet the Staff

Jeff and Donna Hazeltine

Jeff and Donna Hazeltine - Owners

Kevin Chaney

Kevin Chaney - Service Manager

Monique Cantasano

Monique Cantasano - Service Advisor

Mark Mickalizzi

Mark Mickalizzi - Supervisor for Fleet Division (City of Venice)

James Violette

James Violette - Facility Assistant

Donna Hazeltine, Jennifer Bergstrom, Monique Cantesano

Donna Hazeltine, Jennifer Bergstrom, Monique Cantesano - Service & Marketing Administrators

Brandon Denny

Brandon Denny - Heavy Equipment and Diesel Technician

Joey Reda

Joey Reda — ASE Certified Diesel Technician & Transmission Specialist

David Bambey

David Bambey — Service Technician

Gene Strelkov

Gene Strelkov — Service Technician

Chris Kelsey

Chris Kelsey — ASE Certified Master Technician

Jason Hill

Jason Hill — Service Technician

Jon McCaughey

American Import Auto Service Team