Tire Sales

We are proud to be your one stop shop for not only Auto Repair, but now, Tire Sales, Tire Maintenance, Tire Repair, and much more! We offer tire brands for all vehicle makes and models. With all the heavy construction around, you might experience a nail in your tire, or you might be riding on tires that have way below the tread level we recommend, and that is not safe with the rainy season Florida has. Are you heading out on a road trip any time soon and need to get your tire pressure checked? Whatever weather or road conditions we experience here in Venice, or road trips you've planned, our team of Tire experts can get you the best set of tires for your vehicle's and get you back on the road safely. 

We offer a visual inspection of your vehicles tire tread depth, DOT serial number, & the wear on them. We test drive your vehicle if you are experiencing any drivability issues coming from the tires. We offer tires sales, installation, and alignment here at our facility of all makes and models.

Let our Service Writers and Technicians tell you more about your tires DOT number. I want to go into detail the importance of knowing how to read your tires DOT serial number. The DOT serial number is located on the inside wall of the tire and is usually followed by eight to thirteen letters or numbers. DOT verifies that the tires were made in the United States, and follow the Department of Transportation's (DOT) National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's tire safety standards.  These numbers verify where the tire was manufactured, the size, manufacturers code, and most importantly the week and year of the tires making. It is highly important to pay close attention to the week and year portion. Anything over 6 years from the current date is out of date! To learn more about this, read our blog specifically on Tires:

Here, at American Import Auto, we can customize the tires for your vehicle and make certain you are always purchasing tires of your choice. Both, Monique and Kevin, our Service Manager and Advisor can assist in making sure you aren't getting lemons put onto your vehicle. They both come to us with prior experience in tire sales and repair specifically, so we can say we are experts at this new field for our shop. We can also accommodate you with any tire brand you are looking for, we usually give you an estimate for at least three different options for you to choose from! 

Keep in mind, upon replacing your tires here at our shop, we do offer Tire Alignments, and Wheel Rotation as well. We can do it all, making it convenient for you and hassle free! Let our expert technicians get you all up to date with new tires today, and don't forget to ask about Alignment Services and Wheel Rotation! 



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