Resurfacing Brake Rotors

Resurfacing Brake Rotors

Today, we are going to talk about resurfacing brake rotors using an On-Car Brake Lathe. The purpose is to eliminate the shaking, squealing, or pulsation you may hear or feel when you are using the brakes on your vehicle. As brake pads wear, they can cause grooves on the rotors. When replacing the brake pads, it is necessary to machine your rotor back smooth, that is, if it is the correct width. If it is not, it would require replacement in order to maintain full braking performance. 

In these two photos you can see the before and after results of resurfacing the brake rotors. You can clearly see the rust on the rotor surface, usually caused by corrosive contaminants. When we use the brake lathe, we are machining down all these contaminants and imperfections. Using this machine ensures that your wheels are being moved exactly as they would when on the road, therefore, giving you the most accurate results that fit your vehicles specific calibrations. 

With some manufacturing, you may not ever be able to machine the rotors in this way. We can always diagnose if your vehicle qualifies for this kind of service. 

Here we are using our PFM X9 machine by Pro-Cut Brake Solutions, which includes our Pro-Cut X9 on-car brake lathe. For our clients, machining the rotors (if applicable) is part of our brake install package. This saves our clients time and money, versus just replacing the entire rotor which is more costly.  If you are experiencing any issues with your brakes, don't wait! Please give us a call today so we can make you a reservation!




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