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What Makes Headlights Cloudy?

What Makes Headlights Cloudy?

Driving at night can be dangerous in itself due to the limited visibility that some roads or places you may be are. But, you don't want your headlights to be an added reason to why you might be having visibility issues. When headlights turn cloudy and yellow, it's primarily caused by the deterioration of the UV layer. 

Good thing at American Import Auto, Inc., we are here to keep you safe and fix those visibility issues! We partner with our BG Product reps and present you with the BG Headlight Restoration Sealant. This little miracle in a box completely took away our clients Jeep Wrangler headlights fogginess and scratchiness! 

Each vehicle is made differently, and the headlight restoration process is timely and meticulous in the prep process. We want to ensure you that here, you have skilled technicians working on the restoration for you and are taking the necessary steps in order to come out with an immaculate result. Like we said above, this is a multi-step process, that needs to be done in the proper steps for the best results. 





Why go through the professionals? 

Replacing headlights can be very costly and this is a very cost effective alternative solution we have for you! The products we use are not meant for people to use at home, we have them stocked here for a reason. We apply sealers that you just can't buy anywhere to do yourself. There is a major factor you have to think about and that is what if you mess up? Do you have the proper tools to fix it? Usually once messed up, there is no going back and you have to look into a full on headlight replacement, which might entailed going through the Dealership, or buying off market parts, which can be expensive and risky. 

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