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Why Are Loud Noises Coming from Under My Car?

Why are Loud Noises Coming from Under My Car? 

  While this can be a generic question with multiple causes, this direct occurrence was due to a failing Driveshaft. The Driveshaft Coupler needed replacement inside of a Corvette's Torque Shaft. A whole lot of big words with so many different responsibilities for allowing your vehicle to move. Let's get back to the basics...What is a Driveshaft anyway?  

  A Driveshaft is part of the Drivetrain system, this is responsible for the drivability of your vehicle.  There is something called Torque in an engine, which is the measurement of force that transmits the engine power to the Transmission. In this specific vehicle, the Driveshaft is a long round shaft that goes from the Engine to differential gears to the transmission that create torque and turn the wheels of the car. When the output shaft of the Transmission spins, it then rotates a set of differential gears that turn the wheels of the car in turn making it drive! This isn't always the case with all vehicles though. There are several different assemblies depending on whether your make/model is rear wheel drive, front wheel drive, four-wheel drive, etc. This vehicle is a Corvette, the Drivetrain system is setup differently because of specific weight distribution factors. 

  So, now that we know the different parts of the drivetrain system, lets dive a little bit deeper. Inside the Driveshaft is a part called a Coupler. A Coupler connects the output shaft of the Transmission to the front flange of the Driveshaft. This is what we needed to replace inside the Torque Shaft. Our guest complained of hearing loud rumbling and rattling noises coming from right under the vehicle. Some other symptoms you might be experiencing with this issue are: 

  • Unable to turn your vehicle
  • Rumbling or shuddering while accelerating, or idle 
  • Vibrations coming from beneath the vehicle


In these photos you can see one coupler almost completely disintegrated, and the other had a lot of wear and cracks shown in the rubber. We stand above other shops with just our digital inspections, which we offer to every one of our clients when they bring their vehicles to us.

  We base the breakdown for our inspections on color, so as least confusing as possible for our guests. What you are looking for are three different colors: 

  • RED: most severe
  • YELLOW: Ok, but not always to our shop standards
  • GREEN: healthy diagnosis 

  As you can see, we have labeled the severity of the Coupler's condition using these color codes. The red, meaning the worst-case scenario, and the other as yellow, which still isn't a full pass for our shop's standards. The Coupler's go at either end of the shaft shown here with our Technician Gene. To me, the vessel resembles a cannon! What do you think? 


 We are happy to diagnose any vehicle make or model you may have with these symptoms! We offer our digital inspections, so you have full transparency with all repairs done at our shop. At American Import Auto, Inc. we always guarantee your safety! Give us a call today so our friendly staff can accommodate you with any repairs needed. Please see our Appointments page to make a reservation directly, or you can always call us Monday-Friday 8am-5pm. 

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