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Why Is My Car Knocking And Shaking?

Why Is My Car Knocking And Shaking? 

Why Is My Car Vibrating? 

Knocking and shaking coming from your engine can be the telltale sign of bad fuel injectors. Another symptom could be misfiring or a vibration. Each engine whether it be a Diesel or gas powered, has cylinders. The more cylinders an engine possesses, the more power the vehicle has. With each cylinder, there is one fuel injector. The fuel injectors are located in the engine control unit. They are responsible for a light spray of fuel into the cylinders. With one bad fuel injector, it could throw off the balance of the firing order of the engine completely. 

When there is misfiring occurring, that does resemble a Transmission issue. The difference is the vehicle will not move versus with the fuel injector, it will move but be less powerful. With shaking and knocking still persistent.

In this example, we had a Diesel truck that was experiencing a knocking noise, and loss of power on the road. Digging into the engine, we found that it had one bad fuel injector, out of the four. Luckily, this vehicle came to American Import Auto with only a bad fuel injector. Driving this vehicle any further and it could cause a catalytic converter failure, which is a much more costly repair. 

We can help diagnose any of your vehicles needs at our Napa Gold Auto Care Shop. Our Diesel technician specializes in diagnosing all Diesel vehicle makes and models. Call or book your reservation today!



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