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Why did my Transmission Fail?

Why did my Transmission Fail?

A question you may not ask yourself, but one we can bring awareness to. Here are some reasons why your Transmission may be running strange or be out completely. It could be because it has run out of fluid, or it is at a very low operating fluid level. The fluid may be running at low levels if it has developed a leak somewhere in the Transmission System. You may see a potential leak, warning lights on the dash, a burning smell, or dark brown puddles under the car. There may also be difficulty shifting the vehicle, slipping, or a delay in shifting.

We recommend you bring your vehicle in for immediate service. We have skilled technicians that will test drive your vehicle, to make a clear diagnosis. In order for the brain of your vehicle to run to it's highest potential you need to see us! Below, we have a few pictures of what the inside of a transmission looks like, it totally resembles a brain if you notice all of the passageways zig zagging in and out of one another. Notice also, the fluid surrounding the body, that is called Transmission fluid, it's main function is to lubricate the various parts of the transmission.



We have an example that came into our shop this month of a vehicle with a Transmission related problem. We pulled the valve body out of the transmission on a Ford F150 with a V8 engine. Our technician realized that the C-clip, or Circlip had broke! Crumbled into two pieces, and fell into one of the passageways of the valve body. This was not allowing the vehicle to shift. What our client said was that it did not have any 4th gear, and it felt like riding in neutral. Allow our skilled technicians to diagnose your Transmission troubles! Otherwise, you may end up paying for a brand new Transmission you don't need, or pay way more than you would ever need to!

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