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What Does Aligning your Tires Do?

What Does Aligning your Tires Do?

What Does Aligning your Tires Do?    Your wheels are a major part of you getting to your destination everyday. If you think about it, you can't go anywhere without them! The wheel alignment is just as important as having the proper tires on your vehicle.   So why do we get an alignments done? Below we will give you a list of the top reasons to consider:  Keeps tires from premature wear Helps with the handling of the vehicle, or smoother rideBetter fuel mileagePerfect contact with the road            "Chopping" seen on the Tires Now that we have covered the " Whys", lets talk about the "Hows" to your wheels get misaligned. There are many factors that can create misalignment on your vehicle. Below are just a few: If you are involved in an accident, or had a ... read more


Wheel Alignment
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