What Does Aligning your Tires Do?

What Does Aligning your Tires Do? 

  Your wheels are a major part of you getting to your destination everyday. If you think about it, you can't go anywhere without them! The wheel alignment is just as important as having the proper tires on your vehicle.

  So why do we get an alignments done? Below we will give you a list of the top reasons to consider

  1. Keeps tires from premature wear 
  2. Helps with the handling of the vehicle, or smoother ride
  3. Better fuel mileage
  4. Perfect contact with the road 


"Chopping" seen on the Tires

Now that we have covered the " Whys", lets talk about the "Hows" to your wheels get misaligned. There are many factors that can create misalignment on your vehicle. Below are just a few:

  • If you are involved in an accident, or had any high amount of speed over bumps or curbs. 
  • If you purchase new tires.
  • When the steering or suspension parts are replaced or repaired on your vehicle.
  • If it has been well over the recommended amount of time to have one performed. 




Our shop recommends that we do an alignment on your vehicle about once a year, or every 12,000 miles. Of course we recommend coming immediately following any kind of contact with a curb or anything that supplies significant amount of damage to your vehicle.

  Something else to consider is when you feel your steering is off, or tends to steer to a favored side, or when you straighten your wheel and it continues to drift into the wrong direction. Now, I know we mentioned the steering sometimes being off and that being the reason you may be in need of an alignment, however, it might be due to the suspension system. The ball joints, strut bearings, and tie rods (which we have discussed in a previous blog) could be to blame. 




Our brand new alignment machine here at  American Import Auto, Inc. stands above the rest with the accommodations it offers to vehicles of all makes & models, as well as, all different lengths! We can accommodate long Ford F-250 trucks, to small Mini Coopers.

  If you are experiencing any of the above issues with your vehicle, or you know for a fact it's due, then please call us today so we can get you into our experts! If you have been in the market for new tires, consider our shop for both the tire and wheel alignments, done right here conveniently at our shop. We are your one stop shop for all Automotive repair! 



Wheel Alignment
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