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Should I Inspect My Rental Car Before Driving?

Should I Inspect my Rental Car Before Driving?

Hey Venice, Jenny here with a topic that might have you scratching your head or wondering, well should I inspect my rental before driving it off the lot? Everyone knows a rental car service is a luxury we use commonly when we are visiting another state, city, or even country! You may have even needed a rental for vehicle repairs! Have you ever thought to yourself before renting, "Is this a safe vehicle?", we are covered with insurance (in most cases) but have you actually taken the time to inspect the vehicle before taking off on the road? 

In this blog we are going to discuss just this and the importance of giving your rental vehicle a thorough inspection BEFORE driving away! It is vital to your safety and to the safety of others that you don't forget or disregard this important step. 

My parents rented a vehicle in Arizona recently to do a cross country drive to Nashville, TN and then down to Venice, FL. When they picked up the rental, they did NOT do an inspection. By the time they got to Florida, this is what the tires looked like.


Now, keep in mind this is after driving pretty much cross country, however, this is not damage that 2200 plus miles should do on your vehicle if it is at a rental facility and they are checking it each time a client goes to rent one. 

These pictures might shock you; how could a rental company be so negligent? What company was it? What was the outcome? Well, we don't want to disclose the company, but once in Florida they were able to swap them out a vehicle before any drives were made back to Arizona. If you look, the DOT is getting close to expiration for safe driving tires, and judging by the condition of the tires, we would recommend this company replaces these tires ASAP! Here is the DOT of the tires up close. Again, for safety we recommend you do not drive tires past 5-7 years, but depending on the condition of these, it is definitely time! 

If you notice in the photos, the tires have several issues. A tire is made up of layers. The first layer, the tread, then you have the secondary rubber, the third being the nylon belts, and last but not least, the fourth being the steel cords. The tires are all completely out of round. The tires all have dry rot, and sidewall cracking. All in all, a very dangerous situation for any driver behind the wheel! 

In the picture below, you can see the bubble on the tread further out, but if you look inward towards the wheel well, that tread seems in better condition, THAT is a telltale sign that the alignment has been off for quite some time. AGAIN, a negligent overlooking on the rental company's part. 

We recommend here at American Import Auto, Inc. that you always inspect your rental cars before taking off in them. Sometimes these companies disregard your safety for the convenience of quick service, and that is NOT ever okay. Next time you are in the situation make sure you inspect and keep these places held accountable for keeping you completely safe.


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