Why is my Car A/C not blowing cold air?

Why is my Car A/C not blowing cold air?

Why is the air conditioning running warm in my vehicle?

Here in Florida, the summer days are quickly approaching and there is no greater need for Air Conditioning than during the summer months. With the humidity on the way to make its presence known as well, your A/C plays a major role in a comfortable ride.

One reason your A/C is not blowing cool air is because of the compressor not functioning properly, or not doing its job effectively. The Compressor is also known as the heart of the A/C system. We call these pressures when the A/C starts and stops.

What we do is hook up a set of gauges to see what these pressures are. You have a high pressure and a low pressure. Depending on what the pressures are doing, it will help to diagnose where the problem in the system may lay. Other ways besides testing pressures, is to test the amount of Freon, because too high or too low will also causes the A/C to run warm.

In these photos you can see an example of an old compressor not working properly, and the extent of the removal process for our technicians. See the new compressor we are about to install too, a major difference!

The question is simple to ask but not simple to answer. We request about an hour and a half of your time to properly diagnose the issue. We know how important the A/C is for comfort during these hot days that lie ahead. So, let us diagnose your A/C issues today, call us at (941) 484-1340 to make an appointment!


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