Why is my Car A/C Not Blowing Enough Air?

  Why is my Car A/C Not Blowing Enough Air? 

Why is my Car Air Conditioning Air Flow Weak?


Recently, we discussed what might be the cause of your vehicle's A/C not blowing cool air. But, let us talk about what the cause might be from your vehicle not blowing enough air! 

  One of our client's recently came in with this complaint. One that could be coming from a multitude of places of the Air Conditioning system. This problem happened to be coming from the A/C Evaporator. The A/C Evaporator is commonly called a "mini radiator". The Evaporator is part of the Air Conditioning system in your vehicle that works alongside with the blower fan and compressor. A dirty Evaporator is a common cause for weak air flow into your vehicle. 

  In this case you should run the A/C on recirculation, so it is not inhaling the air from the outside. If you live or work in a more agricultural area, the last thing you want is your vehicle's A/C to inhale all that dirty air. The Evaporator is a damp part to begin with. Any excess contaminants such as dirt that compacts when it gets wet, will continue to build up on the part and put more strain on the A/C system. Usually, after running your A/C you might find some moisture leaking from your vehicle, that is coming from the Evaporator. 

  Recirculated air is air that has already been cooled and requires less strain on the A/C system to keep cool. If you keep it on fresh air, it will pull 80-90-degree air into your vehicle and creates that strain. Make sure you always keep this in mind especially since the hot summer months are approaching! 

  Speaking of those hot summer months, if you feel like you need your vehicle's A/C system looked over, do not hesitate to call us for an appointment today! Our friendly staff would be more than willing to take care of all your vehicle's needs! 




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