Do I have to Replace my Timing Belt?

Do I Have to Replace my Timing Belt? 


  The simple answer is yes. Some vehicles have a Timing Belt, and others have a timing chain. These are necessary to keep the engine working properly and "in time". A Timing Belt is what keeps the engine valves and pistons "in time" with each other so that they don't collide. It is part of the internal engine system that creates a synchrony of movement between the Camshaft and Crankshaft to ensure that these engine valves open and close in unison during the Cylinder's in/out strokes. 

  The Timing Belt is rubber, so it does not last forever. In most cases, your manufacturer will recommend replacing as part of routine maintenance. This is about 70,000 miles, but every manufacturer is different. You can consult your owner's manual or come to our shop with trained professionals to ensure you are replacing at the proper mileage for your specific vehicle. 



  It is extremely important they get replaced before they fail. Otherwise, major engine damage can occur. It is safer to replace your vehicles Timing Belt once you have hit the proper mileage to avoid spending thousands of dollars in other repairs for it going out. Although, you cannot necessarily tell when the exact time to replace is, some factors in your engine performance may give you some tell tale signs. Be on the look out if you are experiencing any of these: 

  • Trouble starting the vehicle
  • Check engine light comes on
  • Weird rhythm in the engine causing vibration or shaking

   When you are having your Timing Belt replaced, there is another component that runs on this belt, and that is your Water Pump. We advise you to replace your Water Pump at the same time when you are replacing your Timing Belt. As a matter of fact, they are usually done together, because when replacing your Water Pump, we have to do almost the exact same work as replacing your timing belt. This does not apply to all makes of vehicles but does apply to most of them. 

  Our expert ASE-certified technicians will examine your vehicle, identify any damage to your belt, and replace it with quality service at an affordable price. We offer complimentary shuttle service in the area, so you never have to make any changes to your daily routine. Give us a call if you are in that mileage range and ask about your Timing Belt replacement service! We have been at your service for 32 years and counting, and we always repair with care. 

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