Why won't my car move in drive?

Why Won't My Car Move in Drive? 


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  The topic today is Why Won't my Car Move in Drive? Very frustrating, I am sure, since the car decided to start but won't go anywhere! 

Get It Diagnosed! 


Joey Reda, our ASE Certified Master Technician let me dive in with him to watch his process when repairing Transmission parts! This client came in with the complaint that their vehicle wouldn't move or shift into gear after it was put into drive. In this case, it is a Truck that is having this disruption. It was also stated that the engine revs up but will not budge. 


  We began this repair with a preliminary inspection, with that we went ahead and checked the transmission fluid levels, and the condition that the fluid happened to be in. After doing these inspections, we noticed that fluid was burnt. 

  After this diagnosis, we now knew we would need to remove the transmission from the truck to start taking it apart. When we did this, we found that the Clutch Plates were burned and that this was the cause of the truck not being able to move forward. 

  With this finding, it was necessary to now perform an "Overhaul", also known as a transmission rebuild. An overhaul is where we replace all the wearable pieces of the transmission that are affected or ruined, without having to replace the entire unit.  

  While performing the overhaul on this truck, some of the affected wearable pieces we found were the Clutch Plates. Clutch kits have many sets, and they all must apply and hold the power of the engine in order to move the wheels. The question to Joey was, "How many Clutch plates or Clutch kits are in a transmission?" his response was, "How many that are in a Transmission vary by make and model, but this one in particular has five sets, each set with about four to six plates."


  At American Import Auto, Inc. we are well equipped to work with all types of transmissions in all makes and models with the correct service manuals, codes, and information. We take our quality of work a step above, and put upgrades in them or upgraded parts, etc. to correct the failure point and ensure that it is not a reoccurrence.  

Prevention or Best Practices


My next question to Joey was all about prevention. Specifically, "Can you take any precautionary measures to prevent this from happening?" His response was that it is very difficult to say, but performing regular fluid exchanges, according to the manufacturer's recommendations, can help to prolong the transmission's life. Also, if you notice your vehicle shifting oddly or slipping during shifts or on acceleration this would be a warning sign to bring your vehicle into our shop for immediate repair. Along with the transmission slipping that you may be experiencing a Sensor or Solenoid that could be failing and causing shifting concerns as well. If this is the diagnosis, then you are looking at parts replacement versus this complete transmission overhaul.

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